Pre-Stack Imaging

Seismic Ventures is committed to providing our clientele with the most advanced data processing algorithms available in the industry. We offer a full suite of services related to Pre-Stack Imaging ranging from Pre-Stack 2D Time Migration through Pre-Stack 3D Depth Migration.


Seismic Ventures has a proprietary software application for Prestack 3D Time Migration Velocity analysis called Velocity Image Point that is unique to the industry. This software is installed at a variety of locations throughout the United States as well as in South America. The capabilities offered by this application are not available with any other contractor in the world.


Seismic Ventures also has developed it’s own 3D imaging algorithm using the Kirchhoff Double Square Root Equation that provides much more accurate AVO information when utilizing Pre-Stack Migrated gathers for the purpose of AVO analysis. Our Pre-Stack Migration Algorithms have many enhancements that compensate for irregular shooting geometries and also have anti-aliasing filter modifications that allow for imaging of extremely complex structure.


Uses Kirchhoff Double Square Root Equation


Proprietary Pre-Stack Algorithms for 3D imaging with enhancements that:

  • compensate for irregular shooting geometries
  • use anti-aliasing filter modifications which allow for imaging of complex structure
  • allow for more accurate amplitudes within the final structural section as well as analysis of pre-stack amplitude information
  • address problems associated with offset and azimuth distribution that can lead to unbalanced pre-stack amplitude information
  • provide more accurate amplitude information when utilizing pre-stack migrated gathers for the purpose of AVO analysis

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